Ten things every contractor, tradesperson and event manager needs to know about Temporary Traffic Management

  1. If you are working outside your property boundary – you are working within the road corridor
  2. If you are working within the road corridor you are required by law to provide positive traffic management.
  3. Positive traffic management consists of an approved Traffic Management Plan (TMP), appropriate signs, cones and/or a Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) on site.
  4. If the road has 10,000 cars or more a day, you’ll need a STMS level 2/3 practising to set up the site.
  5. A TMP is a Traffic Management Plan written by a qualified STMS.
  6. Traffic Management Plans are approved by the appropriate Road Controlling Authority (RCA), which may be your District or City Council, Land Transport New Zealand, Transit New Zealand or the Department of Conservation.
  7. Within your city boundaries there may be State Highways which require a higher level of traffic management.
  8. The responsibility of the STMS within a work site is to ensure the safety of all vehicles, pedestrians and road workers.
  9. Some work may be planned outside normal working hours to provide less disruption to the public using these areas.
  10. When planning an event you need to have meetings with your local RCA six months before your event.