Level 1 Traffic Management Systems

All work outside property boundaries needs traffic management.

The law requires work on road or roadsides of even minor roads to have traffic management services (TM).  This means an approved Traffic Management Plan, equipment like signs or cones, and often a Site Traffic Management Supervisor.  Sight provides a full range of Level 1 TM services in Tauranga, Western Bay of Plenty Waikato, Matamata Piako and Coromandel areas - often sub-contracting to major construction and maintenance companies or small independent tradespeople.

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The sewer break on Domain Road at Papamoa in late  December 2011 took three days of 24/hour Stop Go traffic management – even directing heavy articulated trucks onto the grass and footpath after half the road gave way. The City Care team were able to focus on the repair,while  the Sight team kept the pre-Christmas traffic flowing.

traffic management important on small work sites

All work in the carriageway requires traffic management.  When Coffey Geotechnical worked on a small project in Harrington Street Tauranga, they called in Sight Traffic Management.  Sight professionally managed the car park and shoulder closure so the Coffey team could complete their work without traffic and pedestrian issues and knowing their traffic management procedures were fully compliant.

Traffic management for hawkins construction for the new tauranga police station

Construction of the new Tauranga Police Station is expected to be completed by mid 2013.  The new $20.8m building is on the original site in Monmouth Street.  Sight Traffic Management Systems Ltd are working with Hawkins Construction to provide traffic management on the site.  This is a 12 month project with shoulder closure and 'Stop/ Go' controls as required, affecting a busy CBD area.



Local roads in Tauranga, Western Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Matamata Piako and Coromandel.

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